As The Public Theater of San Antonio continues to navigate through the pandemic, we are asking for some information that will be extremely helpful regarding our financial plan.
The San Antonio and Bexar County residents have traditionally been strong advocates for artistic and cultural activities.  They have rallied to support and maintain their cherished institutions. Some national surveys are suggesting that patrons will not attempt to be in public spaces once businesses have been allowed to re-open. Many arts organizations found immediate success post/during 9/11 as well as the Great Recession of 07-09.  Do you intend to visit us post the Great Lockdown of 2020?

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You can support  The Public Theater of San Antonio's COVID-19 Relief Fund through this link:







May 8 -


We are grateful to have received a grant from the COVID-19 Response Fund, a community fund jointly managed by the San Antonio Area Foundation and the United Way of San Antonio. The fund is comprised of nearly 30 caring businesses, donor-advised funds, philanthropic foundations, and government entities. For information and to see our list of partners regarding the COVID-19 Response Fund CLICK HERE!

May 2 -


While the State of Texas was given a plan to re-open by Governor Abbott, The Public Theater of SA will remain closed and we monitor data.  We will review data and the climate of the community over the next few weeks.   Once we can determine a feasible plan in-line with health regulations for all individuals, we will convey our intentions. The health and safety of our community come first. Additionally, we must be diligent when evaluating a proper financial plan based on restrictions and protocols put in place.

April 9-


In response to COSA funding cuts. Like all arts organizations that receive funding via The City of SA, we have been impacted significantly by this decision.  The city has always been a strong partner of the arts, so if we have reached this point... that should be an indicator to all patrons that we will require their trust, support, and their patience as we all navigate this time.  Knowing our leadership’s passion for arts and culture, this must have been a devastating decision for them. This forces tougher decisions/planning scenarios to be evaluated.  Several arts companies rely on the Area Foundation and COSA.  These are typically two of the largest art funders in our region.  Most performing arts organizations function on a near 50% earned to 50% unearned financial model.  With ticket revenues halted by 90-100% reductions, benevolence is left as the main source (if not the only source in some cases) of revenue.  Without The City or Area Foundation support, the landscape of our arts community (and for sure our professional arts community) will look different in 2021. Our partnerships with many of the departments in the city are essential to The Public Theater's survival and growth. We are saddened for those that will be in limbo and working diligently to keep the ship sailing. We can relate. Our hearts and thoughts are with them and we know we will all appreciate each other more when we overcome this.


March 31- 


This theater was not meant for silence and solitude, but to be a home for celebrations of creativity and community. Since March 15th, The Public Theater of San Antonio postponed and altered its operations as we do our part to slow the spread of coronavirus in our community. We know these sacrifices now will pay immeasurable dividends for San Antonio’s future. We cannot wait for the day when we can throw open our doors and celebrate together as our shared stories come to life on the stage, the rafters ringing with song. The theater will be part of the healing as our community is reunited. Humans are social beings and the need to laugh and cry as a collective is essential to our survival.  We need your help to ensure that The Public Theater, which has been part of the cultural fabric of San Antonio for 108 years, weathers this storm. Revenue from ticket sales makes up half of the theater’s budget. With shows shuttered, we have had to make difficult decisions to cut our staff and expenses. However, that has not kept us from fixing our eyes on the future and working to prepare for next season when we can re-emerge as your home for entertainment, education, and inspiration.  We are asking you to join us in investing in hope and better days. If you have not already, please renew your season subscription before April 1st. Better still, prepare to share the celebration that is to come -- and consider buying additional tickets for your friends and family. We know these are uncertain times for all of us. The lights will shine and the curtain will rise. We want you in the room with us. Thank you for your support of The Public Theater. Today is the last day to renew your subscription at the 40% discount and keep your current seats. Tomorrow subscriptions will be a 35% discount and seating will open up to the general public. To renew your season subscription, please call Courtnie Mercer at 210-733-7258 x1108 or email at We are thinking of you and your loved ones during this time.


March 19- 


The Public Theater, like many arts organizations, has been significantly impacted by the Coronavirus crisis.  As the forecasts and mandates rapidly change and worsen, businesses large and small and non-profits are scrambling for solutions and making heartbreaking and difficult decisions. At The Public Theater, this week, we have enacted an emergency plan that focuses on long-term sustainability.  Like many non-profits across the country, we have made heart-wrenching choices to lay off many of our valued employees, as well as make deep cuts in the hours and salaries of the remaining staff members. Our Board members are also making personal financial commitments to help keep operating expenses covered.  

In these uncharted economic waters, we cannot give any definitive answers on when our next show or activity will resume. What we can promise is that we are employing our most diligent efforts to return your beloved theater to some sense of ‘normalcy’ as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we are investigating new platforms and ways to fulfill our mission of “Theater for All” even in the midst of this international crisis. In the spirit of Italian villages joining in song from their balconies, we continue to seek ways for artists to create and share their talents. We know many of our academy students are at home in need of connection, and we are working to find the most efficient platforms to continue to provide them with training. 

Revenue generated by our recent season ticket renewal sales is earmarked for the next fiscal year, and we are doing all we can to avoid using those future funds to meet today’s expenses. We are determined that when this crisis has passed and we can ‘raise the curtain,’ we will be ready to do so because of the investment season subscribers made. 

If you have purchased tickets for a canceled performance or missed a show because of self-quarantine, please rest assured that The Public Theater of San Antonio will honor all exchanges and ticket postponements with a seat at a future show. Refunds, while not the optimal solution, will be discussed on a case-by-case basis. 

How can you help? 

•          Champion the arts and urge all levels of government to provide relief to the arts.  Stress to local philanthropic foundations that arts organizations will need not only sustainability support but revitalization support.

•          Donate if you are able, and share the call to donate with your social network. You can support  The Public Theater of San Antonio through this link:

•          Plan for the future when this crisis has passed and purchase a season ticket now for the 2020-21 Season.

•          If you have purchased a ticket to a canceled show, consider treating that ticket price as a donation to the sustainability of The Public Theater.

•          Consider volunteering your abilities when we are able to resume operations. 

Above all, we are extremely grateful for the outpouring of support during this difficult time.  The number of emails, voice mails, and personal messages from our patrons has helped maintain the morale of staff and volunteers. I am also comforted by the continued collaboration and discussions among all our local theaters and arts organizations.  I feel confident that when our world is restored, the San Antonio theater scene will be stronger than ever. These are confusing and disturbing times across our planet. Remember when you can, to choose the path that art teaches us. Listen with the goal of understanding other perspectives. Be kind, supportive, and patient with every human you interact with. Love will prevail and theater is here.


March 15- 



The Public Theater of San Antonio is making adjustments to the remaining 2019 – 2020 Season.

Based on the recommendation of the CDC, the WHO, and local city officials: For the health and safety of our patrons, production members, and staff we have decided to postpone our production of Bright Star until April 24th (or potentially later as governed). We are postponing the current production of Admissions until further notice. The production of Bright Star will return with a strong five-week run and we anticipate an encore performance of Admissions.

This schedule change makes a significant financial impact on the organization as well as impacts future programs. We will be delaying the production of Lonely Planet until further notice and canceling More Better Beautiful. We will cancel the production of Amelie but are hopeful to produce a concert version. We are investigating live video-streamed reading workshops of More Better Beautiful. The productions of Into the Woods and Fade remain on schedule. 

The theater will be operating with limited staff until April 13th. Many arts organizations are facing heavy burdens due to a lack of revenue and attendance caused by the important need to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. The Public Theater will be diligent with its mission and vision to create professional theater in San Antonio and Bexar County. We will honor all exchanges among the various production titles. We ask for your patience and kindness during these confusing times. If you are contemplating a refund, we encourage you (if able) to consider your ticket as a contribution to the theater.


March 13- 


Last week, The Public Theater released information regarding the protocols and procedures being taken regarding COVID-19.The health and safety of our patrons, performers, crew, and staff are at the forefront of our decisions while delicately balancing the sustainability of the organization.  Per the city’s recent regulations discouraging events of 250+ attendees, we have limited the seating of our upcoming production of Bright Star. The cast and team of the production are healthy and eager to provide the people of San Antonio this show’s message of hope and resilience. We believe that this production will provide comfort and strength during this stressful time. The Public will be instituting other operational changes. We will release more information in the next day regarding ancillary programming/activities. We encourage arts patrons to support us as well as other organizations that rely on your generosity.


March 10- 


The health, safety, and security of our patrons, staff, and artists is our highest priority. As our staff has been closely monitoring the risk of COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) in our city, we have been taking major steps to prevent the introduction and halt the spread of this virus in our community. Currently, no performances, camps, workshops, etc. have been canceled, but The Public staff is following the lead of the Center of Disease Control (CDC) and other top national, state, and local authorities on implementing recommended rigorous cleaning practices and strategies to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Public Theater staff currently has in place a rigorous deep cleaning regimen twice a day during business days in all theaters, lobbies, offices, and shared space within our building. We are currently using EPA (the United States Environmental Protection Agency) approved disinfectants on all interiors of our building. This includes armrests, seats, doorknobs, and other surfaces that patrons may come into contact with. Additionally, lobbies and restrooms have been equipped with multiple hand sanitizing stations and restrooms will continue to be fully replenished with disinfectant soaps for proper handwashing practices. During performance dates, our staff is being very attentive with cleaning procedures in the theaters and lobbies. Before and after each performance, all seats, armrests, doorknobs, and other surfaces are sprayed with disinfectant and also wiped clean with disinfectant towels. We are also making sure all playbills, subscriber/welcome cards, and trash are being disposed of properly. If you are ever feeling any flu-like symptoms, we are encouraging patrons and staff to stay home and take the necessary steps to recover. If you do feel ill, we will gladly exchange your ticket and waive fees on exchanges. We will remain attentive and vigilant as time progresses and will make decisions as conditions change or the needs of our patrons, staff, or artists change. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us at (210) 733-7258. We thank you for your patronage to The Public Theater of San Antonio and we look forward to seeing you at the theater!